User Agent Missing

Always provide user agent header

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The Youmanage Api requires the user-agent header to be provided, to aid in diagnostics and to shut down errant apps.

Most tools such as cUrl will send a default user-agent header but if you are using something else and don't define the header then you will run into this error:

curl -H "User-Agent:"

  "Error": {
    "Code": "YM0002",
    "Reference": "",
    "Target": null,
    "Message": "User agent is required",
    "Details": null



We recommend using the name of your application or some other unique identifier, to reissue the request.

Reissuing the same request but with the user-agent header supplied gives the following results:

curl -H "User-Agent:AwesomeApp2.0"

  "status": "Awesome"