Learn what errors mean and how to resolve them

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YM0001: HTTP Connections Not Allowed

Always use HTTPS

YM0002: User Agent Missing

Always provide user agent header

YM0045: API in Read Only Mode

Modification is temporarily disabled

YM0046: API Under Maintenance

Requests are temporarily rejected

YM0050: Bad Request

Invalid request was received

YM0051: Empty Body

A request body is required for this action

YM0052: Not Found

The requested resource could not be found

YM0053: Too Many Requests

You have exceeded your usage limits

YM0055: Entity In Use

Entity is being referenced by other entities

YM0060: Unsupported Content Type

Only Json data is accepted

YM0070: Unknown Versioning Error

Versioning can be tricky at times...

YM0071: Version Not Specified

Let us know what version you would like

YM0072: Version Not Supported

The endpoint does not support the requested version

YM0073: Version Invalid

The requested version is not valid

YM0074: Version is Ambiguous

Decisions, decisions...

YM0100: Authentication Required

Each request must have authentication information

YM0150: Forbidden

You are not allowed to access this resource

YM0999: Unknown Error

The system has encountered an unexpected problem

YM1000: Validation Failed

The request did not pass validation checks

YM1001: Unknown Validation Failure

Validation failed for an unknown reason

YM1002: Property Validation Summary

Details all validation errors for a specific property

YM1003: Reference Not Resolved

A reference couldn't be resolved for a given name or key

YM1004: Invalid Value

The value supplied was not valid

YM1005: Invalid Date

Dates must be in the correct format

YM1006: Value Required

A value must be supplied

YM1007: Value Must Not Be Empty

A non default value must be supplied

YM1008: Value Must Be Unique

An entity already exists with this value

YM1009: Record Does Not Exist

We can't link up a reference

YM1010: Field Must Not Change

Change isn't always good

YM1011: Value is Auto Generated

You shouldn't supply a value for this property

YM1012: Value Too Long

You gave us more than we can store

YM1013: Value Must Be Greater Than

You went too low

YM1015: Must Be One Of

The value must be from a selection of values

YM1016: Invalid Email Address

You have supplied an invalid email address

YM1017: Conflicts With Existing Record

The values for this property would conflict with another entity

YM2000: Employee Must Be Unique

Everyone is an individual after all...

YM2001: Absence Type Not Allowed

This absence type has been disabled for this action